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Page  1 - Heidelberg seal and sketch of Heidelberg.

Page  2 - Picture of the school and a history of Heidelberg High School.

Page  3 - Letter from General Lucius D. Clay to the students.

Page  4 - Beautiful picture of students at the castle ruins and the yearbook
                    dedication to the free people of the world.

Seniors - Class of 1949

Page  5 - Sketch - intro page for the Seniors

Page  6 - Memories of the senior class and current events.

Page  7 - Information on the senior class, the first senior skip day, the prom,
                    and more.

Page  8 - Continuation of the previous page.

Page  9 - Class of '49 portraits:  Bill Bond, Don Bartlett, Charline Bishop, Neil
                    Case, and Bo Dawson.

Page 10 - Class of '49 portraits:  Mary Ellis, Jim Dunn, Ralph Haber, Joan
                    Gegan, and Paul Gerard.

Page 11 - Class of '49 portraits:  Marilyn Maxwell, Ray Jensen, Don Hoopert,
                    John Meader, and Lyn Harpole.

Page 12 - Class of '49 portraits:  Warren Paul, Bud Penz, Nancy Rasbach,
                    Jack Peters, and Neal Reichle.

Page 13 - Class of '49 portraits:  Dean Schamber, Jane Simmons, Suzanne
                    Smith, Dolores Reid, and Jerry Vernon.

Juniors - Class of 1950

Page 14 - Class of '50 portraits:  Colleen Doherty, Wesley Etter, Nina Bishop,
                    John Farmer, Flo Currier, and Albert Byrnes.
                    Group shot of:  Ray Reiner, Sydney Stern, Flo Currier, and
                    Vladimir Winchell.

Page 15 - Class of '50 portraits:  Karla Johnson, Albert Ferree, Ruby Fisk,
                    Barbara Johnson, Jackson Keim, Ray Reiner, Gene Perkins,
                    and Margaret Kidwell.  Also memories of the Junior class.

Page 16 - Class of '50 portraits:  Vladimir Winchell, Larry Knapp, David Roth,
                    Ann Walker, Bill Schwinghammer, Sydney Stern, Bonnie Walker,
                    and Raymond White.

Sophomores - Class of 1951

Page 17 - Memories of the class of '51.  Picture of the class officers:
                    Ronnie Short, Ann Abrahams, Dean Case, and George Richardson.

Page 18 - Class of '51 portraits:  Ann Abrahams, Joan Allen, Catherine
                    Bennett, Jim Bray, Vivian Bouldin, Letha Brock, Ken Carpenter,
                    Dean Case, Pat Cromwell, Keelin Fry, Jonathan Hauck, Marvin
                    Hays, Eddie Hooks, Harry Johnson, Joan Ford, Mitzi Knapp, Janet
                    Leatham, Jim Lollis, Sylvia Maddox, and Jack Maxwell.

Page 19 - Class of '51 portraits:  Keith Olmsted, Penelope Paul, Nancy Penz,
                    Peter Pearine, George Richardson, Nancy Rogers, Ronald Short,
                    Russell Stephenson, Debby Sweet, Bernie Tullington, Diane
                    Webb, Jean Vores, Chester Welch, Jack Whiteside, Bob Wiley,
                    Edward Wiley, Nancy Williams, Charles Whittmack, Robert Young,
                    and Carl Young.

Freshmen - Class of 1952

Page 20 - Freshmen officers:  Bill Aldrup, Jerry Whitman, Barrie Bates, and
                    Donna Johnson.  Class history and memories.

Page 21 - Class of '52 portraits:  Bill Aldrup, Margaret Allwine, Patricia
                    Allwine, Barrie Bates, Dona Beavers, Jackson Burkett, Patricia
                    Chavez, Carl Cartes, Josephine Ferree, William Goodwin, Thomas
                    Gruhn, and Rodney Heckerman.

Page 22 - Class of '52 portraits:  Jim Hockenberry, Donna Johnson, Patricia
                    Marmon, Noralyn Monroe, Sylvia Newman, Shirley Oleson, Allyn
                    Perkins, Marjorie Schantz, Betty Schindler, Kirk Stanley, Barbara
                    White, Donald White, Joan Whiteside, Jerry Whitman, and
                    Thomas Wood.

Student Council

Page 23 - Student Council:  Kirk Stanley, Ronald Short, Barrie Bates,
                    Jerry Whitman, Jane Simmons, Don Hoopert, Dean Schamber,
                    Sidney Stern, Gus Johnson, George Richardson, Karla Johnson,
                    and Ray Reiner.  Information on the student council and their

Student Life

Page 24 - Student life intro page which has sketches on it.

Page 25 - Misc. photos of students making masks.

Page 26 - Misc. group photos of students and a poem about Heidelberg.

Girls' Dorm

Page 27 - Picture of Mary Ellis, Debby Sweet, Nina Bishop, Dolores Reid,
                    Lynn Harpole, Nancy Williams, Letha Brock, Dona Beavers,
                    Catherine Bennett, Joan Gregan, Suzanne Smith, Charline Bishop,
                    and Diane Webb.  Information on the girls' dorm.

Page 28 - Misc. photos of the girls in the dorm.

Boys' Dorm

Page 29 - Picture of:  Jack Peters, Jim Dunn, Keith Olmsted, Neil Case,
                    Bill Shields, Neal Reichle, Dean Case, Paul Gerard, Jerry Vernon,
                    Dean Schambler, Sydney Stern, Bill Bond, Bill Schwinghammer,
                    Keelin Fry, Ken Carpenter, and Johnny Hauck.  Information on life
                    in the boys' dorm.

Page 30 - Misc. photos of the boys in the dorm.


Page 31 - Group photo of the football team who won the "Mythical European
                    Command Championship."  Information on their perfect season!

Page 32 - Misc. photos at football practice.

Page 33 - Pictures of Cary Grant at the football banquet.

Page 34 - Picture  of the cheerleaders:  Mary Ellis, Jane Simmons, Buz
                    Schwinghammer, Anne Abrahams, and Colleen Doherty.

                    Picture of the H-Club:  John Meader, Coach Heiges, Bill Bond,
                    Bud Penz, Don Hoopert, and Paul Gerard.

Page 35 - Picture of the Annual Staff: Marvin Hays, Bill Bond, Pat Cromwell,
                    Ann Abrahams, Sylvia Newman, Ronald Short, Jim Hockenberry,
                    Barrie Bates, Jim Dunn, Don Bartlett, Jim Lollis, Buz
                    Schwinghammer, Paul Gerard, Tom Gruhn, Ray Reiner, Flo Currier,
                    Catherine Bennett, Bo Dawson, Bernie Tullington, Jerry Vernon,
                    Joan Gregan, Marilyn Maxwell, Nancy Rasbach, Lynn Harpole, Neil
                    Case, Neal Reichle, Dave Roth, Harry Johnson, Gene Perkins,
                    Karla Johnson, Colleen Doherty, Charline Bishop, and Suzanne

                    Picture of the Paper Staff:  Don Hoopert, Paul Gerard, Ray Jensen,
                    Bo Dawson, Dave Roth, Nancy Williams, Jerry Vernon, Ronald
                    Short, Bill Bond, Eddie Hooks, Sydney Stern, Don Bartlett,
                    Raymond White, Bernie Tullington, Donna Johnson, Barbara White,
                    Pat Chevez, Margaret Allwine, Nina Bishop, Lynn Harpole, John
                    Farmer, Mary Ellis, Buz Schwinghammer, Flo Currier, Colleen
                    Doherty, Karla Johnson, Joan Gegan, Nancy Rasbach, Suzanne
                    Smith, Marilyn Maxwell, Margaret Kidwell, Jackie Whitman, and
                    Penelope Paul.

Page 36 - Picture of Basketball team members:  Eddie Hooks, Coach Heiges,
                    Bud White, Don Hoopert, Bill Bond, and John Meader.  Information                                          
                    on their season.

Page 37 - Group picture of the Basketball team:  Assistant Coach Means,
                    Jack Maxwell, David Roth, Neil Case, Dean Schamber, Ray Jensen,
                    Jerry Vernon, Wes Etter, Gene Perkins, John Farmer, Coach
                    Heiges, Bernie Tullington, Bud Penz, Eddie Hooks, John Meader,
                    Bill Bond, Don Hoopert, Bud White, Sydney Stern, Jack Keim,
                    Russell Stephenson, Bill Aldrup, Barrie Bates, Jim Bray, Bob
                    Young, Gus Johnson, George Richardson, Pete Perrine, and Jim

Faculty & Staff

Page 38 - Page with sketches - faculty intro page

Page 39 - Lt. Bradford, Milton Evans, Mildred Linck, Charles Easterly, and
                    Evelyn Mallernee.

Page 40 - Alice Bruce, Dorothy Kay, Priscilla Brown, Mary Bowe, and
                    Hildegard Laessig.

Page 41 - Mary Gregory, Harry Heiges, Hannele Piel, Lorna  Borchard,
                    John Means, and Zenobia Glass.

Page 42 - School Board:  Capt. Kovak, Major Husted, Lt. Col. Brindley, Col.
                    Roth, Mr. Ehlers, Lt. Bradford, Sgt. Haydon, and Mr. Easterly.

Page 43 - Pictures of the office staff and the kitchen staff.

Page 44 - Heidelberg directory, names of students and where they are from.

Page 45 - Directory continued.

Page 46 - Directory continued.

Page 47 - Directory continued.

Page 48 - Farewell note.