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Page  1 - Sketch of the castle and the City seal.

Page  2 - Picture of the old school and the history of Heidelberg High.

Page  3 - Sketch introducing the Administration


Page  4 - Pictured on this page:  Colonel Lloyd, Colonel Skelly, Major
                    Butler, Mr. Evans, and Miss Linck

Page  5 - Mr. Bauer, Miss Borgman, Mr. Brown, Mr. Coyne, and Mrs. Ervin

Page  6 - Miss Fredericksen, Mr. Goldhagen, Miss Gregory, Mr. Guss,
                    and Mr. Hagler

Page  7 - Miss Keefe, Miss Lathim, Mr. Lohela, Miss McDaniel, and
                    Miss Pilquist

Page  8 - Mr. Reimann, Mrs. Rosen, Miss Sandler, Miss Trier, Mrs.
                    Watson, and Miss Wettstein

Page  9 - Sketch introducing the students

Seniors - Class of 1951

Page 10 - History of the class of '51

Page 11 - Pictures of the Class Officers - Jim McManaway, Carl Young,
                    Joanne Hardick, and Jim Lollis

Page 12 - George Baldry, Vivian Bouldin, Frederic Brown, Letha Brock,
                    and Willis Busbee

Page 13 - John Carson, Anna Coony, Richard Chase, Dorothy Fischer,
                    and Allen Cunningham

Page 14 - Paula Harithas, John Farmer, Patricia Ingram, James
                    Harithas, and Phoebe Johnson

Page 15 - Marvin Hays, Sharon Jones, Howard Huskey, Helen Jordan,
                    and Jimmy Jackson

Page 16 - Mitzi Knapp, William Katsarsky, Jane Levno, James
                    Kirkpatrick, and Sally Lewis

Page 17 - Orrin Lee, Barbara McMinn, Stan Lowe, Dorothy Nelson, and
                    George Lynch

Page 18 - Nancy Penz, Augustin Miller, Ruth Peyton, Philip O'Keefe,
                    and Patricia Piper

Page 19 - Jack Schertz, Jane Pohl, Frank Schoonover, Nancy Rogers,
                    and Joseph Stapleton

Page 20 - Dorothy Shepherd, John Stewart, Ella Smith, Joseph Tisdell,
                    and Chester Welch

Page 21 - Jean Vores, Jean White, Joan Wauchope, Stanley Wittmaack,
                    and Nancy Williams

Page 22 - John Wood, Carol Wilson, and Robert Young

Juniors - Class of 1952

Page 23 - Pictures of the class officers:  Morgan Mayson, Marion Lee, 
                    Paul Hayne, and Jim Gunther.  History of the class of 1952.

Page 24 - Shirley Archibald, Robert Bacher, Cob Bakken, Karen Baldry,
                    Earl Brownfield, Jack Burkett, Mary Carlquist, Laurie Chittick,
                    Mike Clower, Richard Coleman, Bill Duryea, Josephine Ferree,
                    Mary Fillinger, Ann Furuholmen, Ruth Gjelsteen, and Bill

Page 25 - Jinny Hadfield, Roger Hall, Bob Hess, Fred Jacobs, Red Kastner,
                    David Kendall, Bob Lamb, Herbie Luttgens, Jerry Maurer, Joan
                    Muschamp, Shirley Olesen, James Radcliffe, Charles Raymond,
                    Ed Rebmann, Eugene Reynolds, and Norma Smith

Page 26 - Shirlee Rowan, David Schamber, Bill Schilletter, Edward Self,
                    Edward Sexauer, Roland Shick, Jim Skelly, Robert Springer,
                    Willis Teale, Bill Tulley, Shirley Valentine, Doris Veazey, Vera
                    Virant, Barbara White, Beverly Willis, and Jackie Winders

Sophomores - Class of 1953

Page 27 - History of the class of 1953.  Pictures of the class officers: 
                    Walter Morgan, Sari Juhasz, Barbara Adams, Eliot Vestner,
                    Andy Johnson, and Bob Moore

Page 28 - Bob Borgward, Bonita Bailey, Larry Burschell, Nancy Bordman,
                    Bob Burtner, Elizabeth Doucett, Alston Chase, Anna Ferree,
                    Charles Cunningham, Patricia Gaither, Philip Gallagher,
                    Marion Gallagher, Robert Hager, Eleanor Harper, Bill Henning,
                    Sally Hart, John Hill, Susie Hart, Al Howard, and Charles

Page 29 - Gross Jenison, Frances Jones, Patricia Kane, Elizabeth Krayer,
                    Eugene Livensparger, Jean Lollis, Scott Marshall, Carol
                    McManaway, Jerry Moyers, Joan Mudgett, William Murphy,
                    Ellen O'Meara, David Murphy, Barbara Poe, Leland Norton,
                    Patsy Poucher, Brian O'Neill, Sylvia Richon, Raymond
                    Radcliffe, and Carolyn Roberson

Page 30 - Phil Roberts, Pat Shalloo, Hugh Robie, David Rogers,
                    Bill Roosma, Garry Roosma, Lyle Schertz, Dick Schonberger,
                    Margie Stephens, Bill Schoonover, Anita Virant, Richard Seely,
                    Graham Stokes, Don Tannery, Barbara White, Charles Usnick,
                    Charles Welch, Beverly Williams, Dick Walker, and Verannah

Freshmen - Class of 1954

Page 31 - History of the class of 1954.  Pictures of the class officers: 
                    Karen Henke, Frank Chilton, Gini Snetzer, Gardner Piper,
                    and Gay Burkett

Page 32 - Sara Smith, Gay Burkett, Danny Pickett, John Schmidt, Harry
                    Foster, Jody Chase, Sally Snyder, Sue Snowden, Anne
                    Bachman, Alida Harper, Bob Muschamp, Bill Wood, Frank
                    Chilton, Bill Maxwell, Gary Schipporeit, Mary Letzelter, Jo
                    Anne Burbidge, Sars Riales, Betsy Murphy, Earl Fillinger, Bill
                    Raymond, Miss Lathim, Joe Schertz, Roger Rowan, Beth
                    Beth Carini, Carolyn Coughlan, Al Evans, Paul Schonberger,
                    Jack Houston, Fred Rowell, Reid Grover, Dale Chase, Jimmy
                    Moyers, Duane Herr, Ralph Buck, Mary Peyton, Dacia Custer,
                    Connie Saunders, Ginny Diestal, Juanita Easterly, Pat Weber,
                    Raymond Burgamy, Pamela Chase, Barbara Buck, Nancy
                    Campbell, Sheila Lane, Mrs. Watson, Karen Henke, Jean
                    Clower, and  Barbara Brayman          

Eighth Grade - Class of 1955

Page 33 - Jack Derrick, Greg White, Larry Kelly, Joe Hutchison, Judge
                    O'Meara, Jim Robie, Miss Pilquist, Arthur Athanason, Carole
                    Sexauer, Marjorie Smith, Juna Fincher, Sarah Dawson,
                    Virginia Marquardt, Christina Frank, Joe Keating, Robert
                    Harris, Richard Johnson, Charles Adams, Jimmy Gaither, Ben
                    Evans, J.C. Bunn, Charles McNary, Dick Unger, Tom Coony,
                    Eugene Killifer, Tex Hyett, Diane Illig, Nancy Reed, Bunner 
                    Custer, Kins Matthews, Sallie Wood, Carol Edwards, Miss
                    McDaniel, Judy Hammon, Jill Carson, Dolores Stapleton, 
                    Ronals Fitzwater, Carl Mott, Kevin O'Neill, Bob Hazlett, Bill 
                    Zierdt, Robert Blandford, Jim Morrison, and Jack Goodwin

Seventh Grade - Class of 1956

Page 34 - Miss Frederickson, Suzanne Major, Jean Carson, Mildred
                    Tisdell, Hildegarde Hoybach, Noel Abrams, Dolores Frank,
                    David Hardiman, Billy Hays, Bob Duryea, Floyd Brownfield,
                    Billy Gavan, Tommy Raymond, Henry Huntsberry, Patrick
                    Moran, Terry Schipporeit, Richard Healy, James Craig,
                    Barbara Tavel, Ann Henke, Nora Campbell, Judy Bess,
                    Maureen Bensak, Tom Lane, James Grady Smith, Janet
                    Marshall, Beverly Brayman, Virginia Kingsland, Barbara
                    Bernard, Jack Gunther, Stanley Pitts, Rusty Troth, Mary
                    Sullivan, Miss Wettstein, Sylvia Jones, Joe Miller, and
                    Charles Bouldin

School Board, PTA, Office Staff, Cafeteria Staff

Page 35 - School Board:  MSgt. Donaldson, Mr. Droward, Col. Gaither,
                    Mr. Kuhel, Major Butler, Miss Linck, Col. Skelly, and Mrs.
                    PTA:  First Class Hopwood, Mrs. Bucher, Mrs. Snetzer, Mrs.
                    Hagler, and Mrs. Stokes

Page 36 - Office Staff:  Ingeborg Nonnenmacher, Gisela Schmidt, and
                    Hilde Mellinger

                    Fraulein Schalupsky, Fraulein Maul, Herr Saschin, Fraulein
                    Steinwender, Herr Schmittbauer, Herr Pokoy, Frau Sliwka,
                    Fraulein Fruhnerk, Herr Schmidt, Frau Kazsikiwitz, Fraulein
                    Henn, Frau Grass, Fraulein Kellner, and Herr Maoy


Page 37 - sketch introducing activities

Page 38 - Football - picture of the football team and info on their season

Page 39 - Pictures of football games

Page 40 - Six Man Football - picture of the six man team and info on their

Page 41 - Basketball - picture of the team and season stats

Page 42 - Pictures of the H-Club and the GAA

Page 43 - Pictures of the Cheerleaders and the Sea Scouts

Page 44 - Information and picture of the Student Council

Page 45 - Pictures of the Honor Society and the Library Club

Page 46 - History of the school newspaper "Student Prints" and picture of
                    the newspaper staff.

Page 47 - Pictures of the Annual Staff

Page 48 - Picture of the Girls' Dorm and information on the dorm.

Page 48a- Pictures of students hanging around the girls' dorm.

Page 49 - Picture of the Boys' Dorm and information on the dorm.

Page 49a- Pictures of students hanging around the boys' dorm.

Page 49b- Pictures of students hanging around the boys' dorm.

Page 49c- Pictures of students hanging around the boys' dorm.

Page 50 - Pictures of the Orchestra and Chorus.

Page 51 - Pictures and history of the Rifle Club.

Page 52 - Misc. pictures of students hanging around and goofing off.

Page 53 - Misc. pictures of students hanging around and goofing off.

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